How to Shop Antique For a Sustainable Future

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Year on year, global consumption rises whilst our anxieties over just what we are doing to our planet continue to grow. Think-pieces on how to live sustainably, shock studies on consumer impact to the environment and daily reminders from politicians and activists on our carbon footprint swirl around us. Sometimes it can be totally overwhelming, and it's hard not to feel helpless!

But that's where #SustainableShopping comes in - Whilst we do admit to a bias (!) shopping for antique rather than high street items not only helps stem the tide of growing consumerism and the devastating impact it can have on global geography and developing communities, it also helps to foster a different mindset.

Considering investing in antiques helps you to appreciate the craftsmanship of previous eras, and to treasure the time and artistry that went in to producing these beautiful items.

And it's not just their original production you will grown to appreciate, but the care that has gone into maintaining them ever since, through various hands - passed down through families, gifted to friends, restored by experts...

We've put together just three easy ways that you can shop for antiques and build a sustainable future, just a few tweaks to your routine and habits can really make a difference.

The definition of an 'antique' item is an item over 100 years of age. This might seem outrageously difficult, but it's easier than you think to pick up items with age.

Here at Grays you can find jewellery of all kinds: fine and costume , watches, hair pins, tie pins and cuff links, ranging from £50.00- £50,000 in value. And it doesn't stop there. We offer a selection of design pieces for the home, fine art, lace, gemstones, table ware and more...

Visit our website for full listings.

Throughout history, it has always been the norm to care for, restore and mend special pieces, and to pass them on to the next generation. Next time something you love breaks; think: make do and mend! Have it repaired and restored. If you are tired of an item or it isn't completely suitable for whatever reason, why not think about customising or updating it rather than replacing.

Many of our dealers are experts in restoration, repair and re-design.

See a full list of services available here.

We understand that no one wants to preach to everyone they meet, but a little goes a long way ! If you are particularly happy with an antique purchase or an antique gift, let your family and friends know. Spread the word on social media using the hashtags #ShopAntique and #SustainableShopping and  why not pay us a visit #GraysLondon

We'll be doing the same over @graysantiques  

We've selected a few of our favourite pieces now available in store which are over 100 years old, and have been lovingly kept and restored since then . They are just waiting for their next custodian !

Edwardian Sapphire and Diamond Butterfly Brooch, Available at Wimpole
Japanese Meiji Period Silver Presentation Jug, c1880. Available at Joseph Cohen

Antique Black Forest Wood Carver Chair, c1900. Available at Pushkin Antiques
Antique Louis Vuitton Trunk c1900. Available at Pushkin Antiques
Mid-Century Necklace Comprised of Antique Gemstones , Tourmaline and Peridot. Available at Moira Fine Jewellery 
18ct Gold and Carnelian Earrings, c1900. Available at Elton Antique Jewellery

Nickel Brass Based Globe, Art Deco Period. Available at Art Deco Gallery London


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