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Designers and stylists have declared 2018 the year of  head and hair adornment...it’s time to shake off any shyness and invest in dazzling hair jewellery:  diadems, tiaras, and yes- crowns!

A Model at the Dolce & Gabbana Ready-to-Wear Fall 2018 Catwalk Show 

Contemporary crowns and tiaras have a different significance to the traditional royal adornment. Queens, empresses, and princesses of course regularly wear tiaras at formal evening occasions but the symbolism of the crown itself is more complex than you might think.

As symbols of betrothal, crowns can be thought of similarly to a wedding band in that their circular structure is a visual reminder of eternity and everlasting love.

Historically, headbands and hair jewellery offered a no-holds-barred approach to show of wealth and power. A lavish display is no more noticeable than when draped around the wearers head and hair, so the medium has historically been a splendid opportunity for the aristocracy to show off.

Tiaras were often given as wedding gifts, or to celebrate marital milestones and anniversaries. They are traditionally worn around the head or on the forehead as circlet. Tiaras can be standalone pieces, or part of a ‘Parure’.

A Parure is a group of two, three or more matching pieces of jewellery, such as a brooch, or earrings, bracelets and a necklace. The pieces can be worn all at once, or interchangeably.

The Parure became the leading embellishment in the courts of Europe in the 18th century. The French lead the extraordinary fashion for Parure at the court of Louis XIV. His artisans are credited with the most imaginatively conceived and highly skilled jewellery production.

Whether you are after a full Parure or a more low key head and hair adornment ; you will find a fascinating wealth of options at Grays!

Take a look at some of our favourites below …

Mid-Victorian Silver , Gold and Diamond Tiara Crown. Available at Moira Fine Jewellery 

Antique Diamond and Feather Tiara c.1906. available at Moira Fine Jewellery 

Diamond Floral Spray Hair Clip c1840. Available at Michael Longmore 

French Floral Spray Diamond and Blue Enamel Clip c1850. Available at Bellum 

Edwardian Gold and Diamond Tiara. Available at D B Gems 

Written by Titika Malkogeorgou


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