'Sixties Style: Shot by Duffy' Exhibition at Proud Central Gallery London

Proud Central Gallery, is currently exhibiting 'Sixties Style: Shot by Duffy ', until the 18th March 2018. The exhibition celebrates the bold appearances that defined London's colourful 'Swinging Sixties' era. 

Recognised for his exemplary collaborations with David Bowie, Brian Duffy photographs are an integral record of modern Britain, exploring the youth-driven cultural shift within art, music and fashion. The exhibition has a diverse collection of photographs, many unpublished since the 1960s, depicting fashion, editorials, celebrity portraiture and international advertising campaigns as Duffy captured the lifestyle trends in this pivotal decade. 

Jill Kennington On The Love of Queen Magazine, 1965. Photograph by Brian Duffy. Image courtesy of Pinterest

Fashion for Vogue, Florence, 1964

 Jean Shrimpton
A 1961 photograph by Duffy for Vogue, top, with the model Judy Dent on Westminster Bridge, in London. Photograph: Duffy/Getty Images . Image courtsey of The Guardian

Michael Caine by Brian Duffy, 1964. All pictures: © Duffy Archive. Image courtsey of The East Anglian Daily Times

Brian Duffy – E-Type Jag, 1960 (Left) / Queen Mag – Love, 1968 (Right). Image courtsey of Wide Walls

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