Patterns, treasures, magic...

Grays recently visited Seville and got enthralled by the myriads of exquisite and intriguing patterns found in the Mudejar architecture which is a combination of Moorish and Christian art. Colours and patterns interlock in a visual feast which is unrivalled by any other architectural style.

 Detail of floor and wall in Alcazar, Seville.

Lovely geometry, Alcazar, Seville.

 Stunning golden shimmering ceiling, Alcazar, Seville.

Back here, we got inspired to find  items with intricate patterns capturing some of that geometric magic... 


 Gold plated Mogul box, 10th-15th Century AD from India with lapiz lazuli carving, offered by Marko Pollo Antiques

A set of 14th century wooden panels from Elias Assad, showing distinct geometric patterns.

A 17th century tile from Mazar art.

This amazing 18th century Iranian bronze bowl was once used for fortune telling and features beautiful detailing of the signs of the zodiac. Offered by Amin Rezai

Elaborate Islamic silver vase from Kashmir, offered by Iq Antiques

Many more objects to be found in Grays, you are invited to explore among our 200 dealers for personal treasures...


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