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At Home in Antiquity: Alma- Tadema at Leighton House Museum

Leighton House Museum are presenting one of the largest ever exhibitions of celebrated Victorian artist Lawrence Alma-Tadema... Detail of 'Coign of Vantage' Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1895. On Display at Leighton House Museum 7th July- 29th October 2017 The exhibition will run until the 29th October, and explores Lawrence Alma-Tadema’s fascination with representing domestic life in antiquity. In late-nineteenth century London, Alma-Tadema began to paint scenes imagining life in the ancient past of Egypt, Greece and Rome. He found a large market among a public captivated with the romance and mystery of antiquity; intensified by great archaeological discoveries of the period. The artist gained international renown for his enigmatic compositions, informed by a huge amount of research and attention to detail. He painted from life, studied ancient objects at The British Museum, visited ruins in Rome and Pompeii, and amassed a vast collection of photographs from ancien

The Mews at Grays

Grays Antiques is split into two diverse buildings, Grays and the Mews. 40 years old next year, Grays Mews opened in 1978 and has been home to a variety of antique and vintage dealers over the years, and while the front building at Grays is renowned for its antique jewellery, the Mews presents a varied offering from vintage jewellery and fashion to Middle Eastern antiquities. In the coming weeks, we will be highlighting the many shops in the Mews and their stock - from vintage sunglasses, to Afghan rugs. Here is this week's round up.. Linda Bee Stand L18-L20 | Tel: 020 7629 5921 Instagram: @lindabeevintage Located next to reception by the entrance, Linda Bee has been based at Grays since the beginning and sells high quality and designer costume jewellery - specialising in the Egyptian revival period - as well as handbags, compacts, clothing and collectable perfume bottles. Some of her famous clientele have included Joan Rivers, Janet Jackson, Prince and Daphne Guinness!

August Birthstone: Peridot

This month the spotlight is on peridot, which symbolises strength. It is sometimes called the evening emerald for its light green color. In fact, Peridot is sometimes mistaken for emeralds and other green gems.  One famous large peridot gem adorning the shrine of the Three Holy Kings in the cathedral at Cologne was, for centuries, believed to be an emerald, and only identified as peridot late in the last century. A few jewellery historians are now convinced that some, or possibly all of the emeralds Cleopatra was famous for wearing, were not actually emeralds. Peridot is generally more affordable than emerald jewellery, making it an ideal gift for those born in August. At Grays you will find lots of beautiful peridot jewellery, here are a few of our top picks... Victorian peridot & gold bracelet, offered by Spectrum Victorian peridot & diamond ring, offered by Emmy Abe 1940s peridot & diamond ring, offered by Leila in the Mews 3ct peridot

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