27 April 2012

Fine pieces of silver....

With many dealers specialising in fine antique silver, Grays is the perfect place for avid collectors to expand their collections with unusual and rare objects. A few of those rare pieces were shown on last night's episode of Channel 4's Get Your House in Order. A programme where shopaholics cash in some of their valuables to pay for a household makeover. One of the items that was shown is this silver tankard made by Hester Bateman.

This fine Georgian lidded tankard is a rare example of Hester Bateman silver. Hester Bateman was dubbed 'the Queen of English Silver', and a prolific silversmith in the late 18th century. Hester Bateman silver is highly prized by collectors who are fascinated by the novelty of a female silversmith. This example was made in London 1783 and is a very fine example of a Georgian silver tankard. For more information contact James Baldwin - www.jamesbaldwinantiques.com

A Hester Bateman silver tankard from James Baldwin shown on Get Your House in Order

Another item that was shown on Get Your House in Order is this silver gilt copy of the Cellini Salt. This part-enameled gold table sculpture was designed by Benvenuto Cellini. It was completed in 1543 for Francis I of France, from models that had been prepared many years earlier for Cardinal Ippolito d’Este.

It came into the possession of the Habsburgs as a gift by Charles IX of France to Archduke Ferdinand II of Tyrol. It was originally part of the Habsburg art collection at Castle Ambras, but was transferred to the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna during the 19th century.

The salt cellar is sometimes referred to as the 'Mona Lisa of Sculpture' and was created in the style of the late Renaissance. It allegorically portrays Terra e Mare in Cellini’s description in his Autobiography, allegorised as Neptune, god of the sea, and Ceres, goddess of the earth, symbolizing their unity in producing salt mined from the earth.

For more information contact Peter Szuhay - www.peterszuhay.com

Silver gilt copy of the Cellini Salt from Peter Szuhay shown on Get Your House in Order 

Grays Antiques on Channel 4's Get Your House in Order.

TV presenter and antiques and artefacts dealer Nick Allen.

Grays dealer Joseph Cohen is negatioting on a silver item 
with collector Barry Phillips and Nick Allen.

Visit www.graysantiques.com for more information about antique silverware.

20 April 2012

Vintage Watches at Grays

Art Deco Advert from Hafis Watch Company, c1925.

Art Deco Tiffany Wristwatch. From Westminster Group at Grays.
Grays is home to six specialist watch dealers as well as numerous other jewellery dealers who also stock watches.  All housed under the same roof its the perfect place to come shopping for a watch for your own collection or a special gift. 
Jaeger Le Coultre Reverso Advert.
Jaeger le Coultre Reverso Watch. From P.Crylin & Co at Grays.

Vintage Breitling Advert.

1960s Breitling Watch. From Timespec at Grays.
Rolex Advert in Punch Magazine, c1930.
Ladies Cartier Watch, c1980s. From Regal Watches at Grays.

Rolex-Oyster Perpetual Advert, 1945
Rolex-Oyster Perpetual, c1944.  From P.Crylin & Co at Grays.

Rolex-Oyster Perpetual. From Second Time Round at Grays.

Watch Store Advert, c1950s.

Second Time Round at Grays also have a full service maintenace and repair shop, perfect if you have a watch that needs a little tlc.

We are also proud to house Titan Black who specialise in customising watches.  They have developed a special technique that will coat your watch in a slick matt black finish.  Already highly regarded and featured in Vogue Magazine (image below), it's the perfect way to give your watch a completely individual look.

 All vintage advertising images sourced from TimeZone.

12 April 2012

April Showers Bring...

Image courtesy of 'My Vintage Vogue'- LIFE Magazine, 1958

Nobody likes the weather that April brings. We've come up with a list of essential goodies to get you through these dreary days. All items selected from Mews dealers Linda Bee,Vintage Modes and Gillian Horsup. Don't forget to follow the dealers on facebook for more regular updates and press coverage! Highlight over the name for links.

Contess Red Crocodile Handbag, Linda Bee, Stand L18-21 Grays Mews

Vintage Floral Dress, Vintage Modes at Grays Mews

Black crop top with sweetcorn and beaded detailing, Vintage Modes at Grays Mews

Lime Green Sunglasses, as seen in the April/May issue of Wonderland, Gillian Horsup at Grays Mews

Lilac Biba Shoes, Vintage Modes, Grays Mews 

Bangles from Gillian Horsup Grays Mews

Two Tone Suede Shoes by RP Ellen , Vintage Modes at Grays Mews

Crocodile Handbag, Linda Bee at Grays Mews, Stand L18-21

Cherry beret, Vintage Modes, Grays Mews

See-through raincoat, Vintage Modes, Grays Mews

Vintage floral dress, Vintage Modes at Grays Mews

Long Gloves, Gillian Horsup, Grays Mews

Multi-coloured Beaded Bracelet, Gillian Horsup, Grays Mews
All items listed are now added to the Grays website. You can take a look at our other stock right here

5 April 2012