24 February 2012

Travelling Necessities

Spring is the perfect time to explore and travel, whether it's through the beautiful Peak District of central England, viewing the tulips in bloom in Holland, or making a tour of the various fashion weeks throughout Europe.

Whether its getting the right dishes for your picnic, or the right antique pen knife for an adventure through the Amazon, Grays Antiques has you covered.


Full length gown by Jean Varon , print by Celia Birtwell. Vintage Modes, Grays Mews.

White Bakelite Sunglasses. Gillian Horsup, Grays Mews.
1960's Jacqmar Scarf. Vintage Modes, Grays Mews.

Table Spreads
Warm weather requires hikes and picnics, which means you're going to need some travel worthy plates and utensils.
New Dealer Jane Wildgoose, Showcase V023 in Grays Mews

Turkish Silver Dish, Circa 1890.  Antique Choices and A.J. in Grays Mews.

Whitley Tea Pot.  Walter Schaetzke, V013 Grays Mews.

The most important thing while travelling is to have a companion!  But if lacking one, these will help you on your journey. 

Nature themed Penknife.  Margaret Mullins, P8 in the Mews.

Travel Compact. Linda Bee, L19-20 Grays Mews

A 1930's Watermans jade green patrician fountain pen. Shabbir Solanki, Grays Antiques
Leather Inkwell with Brass and Glass interior c19th century.  Cekay, Showcase V027-V028 Grays Mews.

George Ist almanac and notebook with silver stylus, dated 1723 AD. Jane Stewart, L25 Grays Mews.
 And don't forget some travelling money!
Seleucid Empire coin. Autrochus VIII Epiphananes. 121-96bc

10 February 2012

♥ Happy Valentines Day from Grays ♥

As well as the many stunning antique engagement rings, cufflinks, barware and other traditional gifts associated with Valentines Day, Grays is also a great place to find a truly unique and unusual token of affection
Heart of Amethyst. From Pauline Atkinson, Showcase FS5.
Antique Gold Secret Heart Ring.  From Greenstein Antiques, stand 304

Antique Key with Heart. From Peter Szuhay, stands 302-303.

Heart Shaped Lockets. From Ting's Jewelley Box, Grays Mews.

3 February 2012

Plan your perfect vintage wedding...

Whether you are looking for an antique engagement ring, a vintage wedding dress or presents for the bride and groom, Grays provides a one-stop haven for your perfect vintage wedding. Grays also offers gift certificates, a wedding list service and personal shoppers that can help you track down the perfect gift. To help you plan your vintage wedding, we've created this Wedding Guide

Vintage Modes offers a wonderful collection of vintage wedding gowns, underwear and tiaras and is the perfect place to find that 'something old' and create a tailor-made wedding.

1950s Cream Raw Silk Dress from Vintage Modes, Grays Mews Basement

1930s Cream Satin Dress from Vintage Modes, Grays Mews Basement

Buying an engagement ring can be a daunting task, thankfully jewellery dealers at Grays both have the knowledge and the expertise to help you pick out the perfect vintage or antique ring. 

1950s Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring from Robin Haydock, Stand 152

1960s Ruby Cluster Ring from JLA, Stand 364 & 376

Grays personal shoppers are on hand to help you find the perfect wedding gift. Grays offers a glittering array of antique jewellery, ceramics, silverware and Asian and Islamic art.

19th century Crown Devon Vase from David, Showcase V011

19th century Fruit Platter from Faisal Antiques, Stand A22
1920s Silver Coffee Spoon Set from Buygone Era, Showcase V017

For more information about the Wedding List service or Personal Shopping visit our website: http://www.graysantiques.com/

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