26 August 2011

The Bigger Picture

These little treasures may look like precious jewels but they are actually granules of sand zoomed and photographed 250 times larger than their real size. The photographer is Professor Gary Greenberg from the University College London. A selection of his photos can be viewed here.

Sand Magnified-Photographed by Professor Gary Greenberg

Magnified Sand Grains-Photographed by Professor Gary Greenberg

We couldn't help but think just how incredible it is to see such a magnificent tiny word right under your nose (or feet!)

...If you want the real thing however, we have it here at Grays. No magnifying lens needed!

Dealer Christopher Cavey has a vast array of sparklers ranging from Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires all in their natural state and completely unique.

Assorted Coloured Diamonds offered by Christopher Cavey at Grays Unit 178

Diamonds in their natural state offered by Christopher Cavey at Grays Unit 178

Diamonds in their natural state offered by Christopher Cavey at Grays Unit 178

Rough Diamonds, Emeralds and Sapphires offered by Christopher Cavey Unit 178 at Grays.

 Christopher Cavey is located in unit 178 in the front building of Grays. You can view a selection of his stock on our website here or even better come and see the full range of  precious treasures for yourself in our market!

4 August 2011

Seventies Glamour

Many designers get their inspiration from vintage fashion and this summer the 70s are making a comeback. Bring back a bit of Seventies Glamour into your wardrobe with floral maxi-dresses, high-waist flare pants, peasant blouses, colourful prints and silk and satin fabrics. Combine modern pieces with vintage 70s fashion to create a unique and bohemian look. Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with some glamorous jewellery. Come to Grays and get inspired. Here’s a selection of what our vintage dealers at Grays have to offer…

An amazing vintage 1970’s party dress in orange satin with holter neck. Price: £110, from Vintage Modes.
Add a bit a glamour to your 70s outfit with this large, gilt pendant necklace made by Grosse in 1972. Price: £ 120, from Gillian Horsup.
Early 1970s evening dress comprising silk chiffon hand sequined blouson top, small daisy motifs with tie at neck with skirt of black velvet. Price: £ 160, from Vintage Modes.
A fabulous black and brown all over sequin dress for a sparkling night out. 1970s, price: £ 200, from Vintage Modes.
Complement your outfit with a stunning snake ring. A 1970’s diamond ring with blue and yellow sapphires, from Maria Perez.
YSL – Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. A red, silk satin blouse by Yves Saint Laurent. 1970, price £ 195, from Vintage Modes.

Pucci vintage, blue sunglasses. 1970’s, price: £ 88, from Gillian Horsup.
Colourful earrings by dress designer Jean Muir. 1970, price £ 55, from Linda Bee.

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