23 June 2011

Midsummer Flower Magic

Even with the English summer being elusive we thought we could brighten up the day with some beautiful flowery finds at Grays. The longest day of Summer Solstice has just passed and we are in the growing season for all things pretty and nutritious in nature.  In Scandinavia, the Friday after Midsummer has traditionally been a celebration  when wild  flowers  are collected and put under the pillow to bring forth a dream to reveal the identity of the future husband. We urge all ladies to try this, and if you can’t find wild flowers, here is a selection from Grays dealers to contemplate.


    A stylish Victorian seed pearl brooch portraying the much loved lily of the valley flower.
    Offered by Aurum

   A boxed silver, gold and rose diamond flower pendant, convertible to a hair piece, ca 1860, offered by Sylvia Williams


  Late Victorian brooch with ruby, rose diamond and pearl, set in silver and 15ct gold. Circa 1890. Offered by Jo Elton & Olly Gerrish


Cute18ct gold double daisy cluster ring with pearl centres, ca 1910, offered by Jo Elton & Olly Gerrish


   A large Ruby and Diamond "Double Rose" spray brooch, finely worked in 18ct white and "rose" gold. Continental Circa 1955 - 1965, from Bellum Antiques

  A pair of beautiful 1970's gold and diamond earrings in leaf form by Andrew Grima, signed, 1970s, offered by Michael Ventura - Pauly

Evocative 1940s Indian necklace  with inlayed rose diamonds and tourmaline, ca 1940, from Michael Ventura–Pauly

    A lovely maple leaf brooch in agate with lapis and diamonds, Austria ca 1930, from Michael Longmore

   A stylised leaf brooch with natural Burma rubies and diamonds set in 18ct yellow gold with French marks, offered by Perry Nazari

   Stunning,  Levinger & Bissinger Jugendstil, silver plique-a-jour brooch, in leaf form set with     pearl buds. German ca1900, offered by Van den Bosch

   Happy Midsummer Everybody!

17 June 2011

Fathers Day Sunday June 19th

....Doesn't it always seem much harder to find gifts for men! If you are feeling a little stuck, we have come up with the perfect top ten gift picks. Prices start from £25. Don't forget we are open Saturdays from 11am-5pm (If you are like me and leave it until the last minute!)


Gold Coin Dispenser

  Offered by Persis Antiques, Stand M12 Grays Mews.


Gold Sporting Stickpin

  Offered by Sylvie Spectrum, Stand 372-373 Grays.


Gold Coin Dispenser

  Offered by Sylvie Spectrum, Stand 372-373 Grays.


Gold Rolled Cufflinks

  Offered by RBR, Stand 158, 168-170 Grays.


 Rolex Watch

  Offered by JUS Watches, Stand 108 Grays.


 Gold Detailed Cufflinks

  Offered by Cottlesloe LTD, Stand 162-163 Grays.


Leather Cigar Case

  Offered by Margaret Mullins, Showcase P07 at Grays Mews


Retro Alarm Clock

  Offered by Rewind the Times, Showcase V025 at Grays Mews.


9ct Gold Signet Ring

A 9ct gold signet ring, with a lion rampant engraved. Offered by RBR Group, Stand 158, 168-170 Grays. 


15ct Gold & Diamond Etruscan Style Stickpin

 Offered by RBR Group, Stand 158, 168-170 Grays.

3 June 2011


We would like to say a huge congratulations to @Jahne8 one of our wonderful followers on Twitter who is currently planning her upcoming wedding.  As well as announcing on Twitter that she had found the perfect engagement ring at Grays she kindly sent us a photo of the beautiful ring!

If you have a twitter account make sure to follow @GraysAntiques and be part of our online community!

2 June 2011

Sporting Fun & Games

With Wimbledon and Royal Ascot nearly upon us and with tickets for the London Olympics being allocated, sporting fever is taking hold!  Swing by Grays and prepare for whichever event takes your fancy!

Tennis fans can pick up some good luck with this rare Victorian tennis racket propelling pencil. Made c.1878 by Sampson Mordan & Co. in London it is in perfect condition and can be found at Vine Antiques, stand 328.

Did you know at Wimbledon 8,615 punnets of strawberries are consumed per day meaning 28,000 kg consumed over the tournament topped off with over 7,000 litres of fresh cream!

Dine in style as you sit down to enjoy a match by using this silver plated foldable biscuit box from ZMS Antiques, stand 125. Dated C.1880, the inside is gilded and is the perfect way to transport your strawberries without squashing them! 

If you can't get seats close enough to the action then make sure to pick up a pair of pretty binoculars. These 19th century leather clad binoculars and case by Negretti & Zambra should do the trick. Find them in Grays Mews, showcase V23.

Lastly, according to weather reports and contrary to the traditional rain that is expected when the famous courts are uncovered, the sun is set to shine and reach record temperatures. Gillian Horsup and Vintage Modes have a great selection of designer vintage sunglasses, such as this pair of vintage blue Pierre Leman, Paris. 
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