20 December 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

 With only five days left until Christmas Day we thought we would give you a round up of some last minute Christmas gifts in a truly festive way.  The Twelve Days of Christmas is a traditional English carol where each day a gift is given from the true love of the receiver.  Here is a modern day version...with antiques from Grays dealers of course!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

12 Drummers Drumming
Rare Dutch Delft Blue & White Tile, c1600. From Guest & Gray.

11 Pipers Piping
Meerschaum & Amber Victorian Pipe. From Hallmark Antiques.

10 Lords-a-Leaping

9ct Gold Royal Guardsman Charm, c1940. From The Antique Jewellery Company.

9 Ladies Dancing
French Art Deco Moulin Rouge Brooch. From Anthea AG Antiques.
8 Maids-a-Milking

19th Century Staffordshire Figures with Milk Pail. From Mary Jane Priebe.
 7 Swans-a-Swimming
Kigu Vintage Powder Compact with Swan. From Gillian Horsup.
6 Geese-a-Laying
Silver Egg Shaped Jewellery Box, Chester 1909. From Evonne Antiques.

5 Gold Rings
Gold Posy Ring c1680-1700. From Rowan & Rowan.

4 Colly Birds
17th Century Chinese Vase with Birds, c1600. From Anita Gray.

3 French Hens
18th Century Japanese Rooster & Hen. From Anita Gray.

2 Turtle Doves
18th Century Chinese Cloisonne Birds. From Jeremy Mason.

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree.
Pair of Partridge & Pheasant Menu Holders, c1906. From Vine Antiques.
 Grays is open until 4pm on Christmas Eve.  We will then be closed and will resume normal opening hours from 10am on 3rd January 2012.

Merry Christmas from all at Grays!

8 December 2011

The Definitive Grays Wedding Guide (or, how to antiquate the modern wedding)

What to do, what to do?  You could organize a wedding list at a plain-jane department store, or at a simple home decorating store.  Or, you could furnish your new life together with unique pieces that are infused with elegance and time.  Grays not only can help you with all you’ll need for the big day, but we also are a one stop shop for wedding lists that deliver gifts with more heart than a George Forman. 

Vintage Modes 1930's Dress
Carnegie silk chiffon dress, 1970s.  Vintage Modes

Vintage Modes houses many vintage wedding dresses of exquisite style and quality.  And their range of formal dresses help every bridesmaid look fabulous. 
Lace Shawl, Diane Harby.

Diane Harby’s elegant lace collars, shawls and veils give a traditional diffidence to any bride.  They can also be used out of bridal context, adding a feminine touch to any outfit. 


I could go on about the renown stock of jewellers and jewellery that have found a home here at grays, from the Duchess of Cambridge earrings to the early 18th century diamond rings,   but I think I’ll let them speak for themselves.  

Art Nouveau Pearl Ring, Olly and Jo

Diamond engagement ring, Maria Perez

Diamond star cluster ring, Persis Antique Jewellers

Victorian Marquise Diamond Ring, Westminster Group
(Don’t forget the men!)
Nigel Norman
Selection of Signet Rings, Leila in the Mews

Wedding accessories
Baroque Pearl Necklace, Michelle Payne Jewellery

Pearl Bracelet, Miwa and The Pearl Gallery

Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Bracelet, M & A Kaee
Pearl Earrings, Beaut

Gold and Diamond Pendant, Michael Ventura-Pauly

Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Brooch, Robin Haydock

We suggest your guests buy only what you suggest.  Our dealers have everything under the sun in terms of gifts, so that your house is not only well supplied, but reflects your style. 
Art Deco Teapot, AMS Antiques

Enamel and Silver Coffee Spoon set, Hallmark Antiques.

!9th Century Serpentine fronted table, William Hodsoll

Early 20th Century Wooden Candlesticks, Mary Wellard Antiques

1900s Brass Trivet (to be used under hot pots and tea pots), Mary Wellard Antiques

Silver Sugar Shaker, Yasmin Gratwick Antiques

19th century silver box, John Vassiliou

For further details on placing a wedding list at either Grays or Alfies, please contact Jenna Garner on 020 7629 7034 or jenna@grays.biz

30 November 2011

Christmas Sparkles

With Christmas getting closer, Grays is feeling more festive than ever. Tomorrow is our annual Christmas Shopping Event, we start to celebrate at 5pm and stay open until 8pm. Please join us for drinks, music and festive moods and enjoy browsing among the 200 antique dealers for the perfect Christmas gift. In this wintery mood we found some sparkly items at Grays to entice you with.

Unusual Liberty & Co pewter box, inset with a Fleetwood Charles Varley enamel sparkling snow scene, ca 1900, offered by Van Den Bosch

An Art Deco Christmas card, made by the pouchoir process by Edoard Halouze, offered by Gillian Horsup

Contemporary Christmas tree brooch in white paste and dark leaf green glass stones, also from Gillian Horsup

Christmassy Lea Stein tree brooch, also offered by Gillian Horsup

Lovely star shapes reminds us to sparkle during the long and dark Christmas nights, and Grays dealers have a variety of stars on offer. 

Beautiful Victorian emerald and diamond star shaped pendant with enamel borders foiled in gold, with a snake chain, offered by Boris


Keep the warmth and enjoy soft lighting staying indoors with this 18th century star shaped Indian oil lamp made from stone with side inscriptions, from Mughal Art

These Vintage Swarovski white crystal and faux pearl earrings will make you sparkle at any Christmas party, offered by Linda Bee

And to get a glimpse of those bright stars in the night sky you could try a pair of Victorian binoculars in tortoiseshell, inlaid with mother of pearl stars, ca 1880, from Evonne Antiques

24 November 2011

Royal lights

Pia and Neil from Grays Management team had the pleasure of meeting HRH The Duchess of Cornwall last evening at the turning on of the Christmas lights at Burlington Arcade. The Duchess greeted a selection of the 500 attendees as she passed through the crowd and Grays Management were honoured to be part of this. Thereafter she took to the stage where she gave a speech supporting the Arcade, this was followed by a selection of music performed by tenor group Incognito.

23 November 2011

Winter Fine Art and Antiques Fair, Olympia

There was a fantastic turn out of almost 24,000 at the Winter Fine Art and Antiques Fair held at Olypia last week.

Grays Dealers John Joseph, Gilded Lily, Sue Brown, Anthea Gessua and Wimpole Antiques participated in the fair selling a vast selection of exceptional and rare items to the public. For those of you who missed the fair, you can visit the spaces virtual gallery here.

Grays Dealer John Joseph

Anthea Gessua, Grays Dealer

Anthea Gessua at Grays

Grays Dealers, Gilded Lily

Grays Mews Dealer, Sue Brown

Grays Dealer Van Den Bosch

Grays Dealer Wimpole Antiques

Interior Shot of the Fair

Interior Shot of the Fair
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