2 September 2010

Grays September Issue

Vintage Revival Exhibition at Grays

From 21st-25th September, to coincide with London Fashion Week, Grays will play host to an exhibition exploring the idea of what vintage means in today's society. Looking at niche groups of people, as well as the general public, this exhibition aims to discover what the term 'vintage' has become and what it means to us now.

Illustrated with iconic, rare and unique pieces from the vintage dealers at Grays, this exhibition will explore why people buy and covet vintage pieces, why it matters and why the vintage trend will seemingly never die out.  Intimate text and photography will explain the allure of vintage and how it has found its place in contemporary lifestyles, and what it means for people whose life is defined by vintage, such as shop owners, hairdressers, performers and consumers.

Vintage has not only become part of everyday shopping habits in recent years but it has become a lifestyle choice for many. The exhibition is a rare chance to explore the variety of vintage pieces on offer by Grays dealers and simultaneously get an overall view of how vintage has become an essential part of current fashion trends.

Visit Vintage Revival in the Vaad Gallery in Grays Mews from the 21st-25th September.

Antique of the Month: Vintage Scarves
Vibrant Liberty Scarf from Vintage Modes
Jacqmar Scarf from Vintage Modes

Vintage Liberty Scarf from Vintage Modes

Jacqmar Scarf from Vintage Modes
Vintage scarves have become increasingly popular in the last few years.  With big name designers making high quality silk scarves from the 1940s through to the 1980s there is a high demand for these beautiful designs that are both incredibly versatile in terms of use and works of art in their own right.

Due to the vast amount of types, makes and designs collectors tend to focus on a particular brand, era, or pattern.  For example Liberty, Hermes, Chanel, Yves St Laurent scarves are particularly collectable.  Period silk scarves, especially from World War II are also highly sought after.  Most silk during the war was used to make parachutes so these are rare.  Vintage Modes & Linda Bee in Grays Mews have a large selection of fine silk scarves and make the perfect place to start or add to your personal collections.

Showcase Spotlight: The Beautiful Accessories Company

Hester Cox offers exquisite vintage costume jewellery, including classic pieces by the likes of Lea Stein, Trafari and Monet, alongside delicate ceramics and other small collectables. Find her showcase in the Mews basement, FS8

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