2 June 2010

Grays June Issue

The Art & Antique Fair Season Begins!

The beginning of June also means the opening of many art & antique fairs in and around London.  Starting today (3rd June) is the West London Art & Antique Fair where 55 specialist exhibitors from Britain and abroad will be showcasing antiques and high quality collector's pieces. There will also be a selection of contemporary/modern art & sculpture dealers which alongside the traditional dealers make for a lively and interesting visit.

There will be a complimentary shuttle service running between Grays, West London Art & Antiques Fair, Olympia, ABA Book Fair and Kensington Church Street.

You can also pick up complimentary tickets to the West London Art & Antiques Fair at Grays Reception.

For more details please click here.
Or call Grays on 020 7629 7034.

Fair Dates for you Diaries:
3rd-6th June West London Art & Antiques Fair
3rd - 5th June ABA Book Fair - London International Antiquarian Book Fair
4th - 13th June Olympia - London International Fine Art Fair

Antique of the Month: Netsuke

A Netsuke is a miniature sculpture that originated in Japan over 300 years ago. Men would suspend their pipes and tobacco pouches from the silk cord from their kimono and a netsuke would act as a toggle stopping this cord slipping through their obi (kimono sash). 

 Black Inro with Original Netsuke, 18th Century. From K&Y Oriental Art.

Collectable netsuke are art forms in their own right; full of beautifully carved images and patterns by exceptional craftsmen. These often intricate images represented different aspects of Japanese culture at the time; displaying rich folklore, religion, professions as well as real and imaginary creatures. 

Netsuke Warrior, 18th Century, £1200. From David Bowden.
David Bowden (unit 126), K&M Antiques (unit 369-370) and K&Y Oriental Art (K24-25) in the Mews all have a fantastic collection of netsuke ranging from early 18th Century to the 19th Century.

 Japanese Ivory Puppy on a Ball Netsuke, 18th Century, £1250 . From K&M Antiques.

Whilst many are traditionally made from ivory, it’s a common fallacy that all netsuke are carved from this material.  Craftsmen used materials available to them at the time, so box or cherry wood, boar’s tusk, amber and marine ivory were also commonly used.

Japanese Netsuke by Masatami, c1848. From David Bowden.

Netsuke production was most popular in Japan from the early 17th Century until the 1860’s. Production still continues today but as netsuke are seldom used, they are made only for display and can lack the traditional craftsmanship of their earlier counterparts.
Japanese Wooden Nesuke of Two Mice. From K&M Antiques.

Collector's Luggage & Travel Accessories

On your way to visit the new Louis Vuitton flagship store on New Bond Street? Why not go back in time and explore Elliot Lee’s magnificent collection of Louis Vuitton luggage. Find vintage luggage and luxury accessories downstairs at Grays in unit 143-144.  Elliot’s stand is a treasure trove of unique collectables and Vuitton trunks dating back to the middle of the 19th Century!

Jo Elton & Olly Gerrish
The Antique Jewellery Company.com

RBR Group have changed their name to Jo Elton & Olly Gerrish and have a brand new website.  After spending hours cataloging nearly every piece in their extensive collections you can now view all their stunning jewellery and fine accessories in one place!  Visit their new webiste by clicking here.
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