16 August 2018

Sensational Serveware From Around The World

Russian Pan -Slavic Solid Silver and Enamel Caviar Spoon, c1878. Available at Pushkin Antiques  

Holding a summer soiree? Or just enjoying long languid lunches in the garden? It's a great time to invest in serveware - and buying antiques is always much more fun (not to mention a great investment...) This week we're taking a look at sensational serveware from around the world, to suit every occasion and every taste.

Grays prides itself on it's eclecticism, so you will find options for a full French silver service alongside the more homely delights of English country-house creamware. A large Middle-Eastern or Spanish Moorish style serving bowl is a fabulous way to serve up summer peaches, pears and plums.

And of course we haven't forgotten the beverages ! German claret jugs, American server jugs, even Japanese Sake bowls, you'll find them all here .

We've picked out some of our special favourites below, with hundreds more possibilities awaiting discovery in store...
Dutch Delft Serving Bowl, c17th Century. Available at Guest and Gray

Harrods English Silver Egg Cup and Spoon, c1910. Available at Jack Podlewski

English Davenport Botanical Tazza, c1810-1820. Available at Guest and Gray 

American Silver Overlay Glass Jug c1900. Available at Evonne Antiques 

Japanese Lacquer Sakazuki (Sake) Bowl, One of a 7 Piece Set. Meiji Period. Available at Anita Gray 
German Solid Silver Travelling Cutlery Set. c.1860. Available at Pushkin Antiques 
Valencian Hispano- Moresque Lustre bowl. 17th Century. Available at Guest and Gray

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