30 August 2018

Saul Greenstein: 'Every Diamond is Different...'

Fancy Yellow Diamond Heart- Shaped Ring set in 18ct White Gold. Contemporary. Available at Saul Greenstein

Saul Greenstein comes from a long line of jewellers, but he began trading independently after gaining his award from the Diamond Grading Association. For the last twelve years he has been trading at Grays, specialising in bridal jewellery: particularly diamonds.

We caught up with him for some insider tips on the antique jewellery business...

Saul, please tell us what is so special about diamonds?

Everybody wants them! They are collectable because they hold their value and each one is unique. Every diamond is different. Every diamond has a different clarity, weight and colour, and it has a different history.

We have yellow diamonds, pink diamonds and blue diamonds. Yellow diamonds are those that include nitrogen atoms. The atoms absorb blue light and reflect yellow hues. They are very glamorous and particularly popular because they are so uplifting.

We also have blue diamonds which are very special and very rare. Of course they have to be natural to be rare and be mined with their blue colour already present.

And pink diamonds are truly dazzling. They make extraordinary rings and pendants because they vary so much in hue and tone.

What type of jewellery do your customers like?

My customers are very discerning and I am very happy to chat with them and meet their requirements. That’s what selling face to face is all about. I love the selling side of things.

People come with an idea of what they want but it is a case of trying pieces on until the right piece jumps out.

A lot of my customers have classic taste, and like the Art Deco style. They follow trends and fashions but they tend to choose wearable timeless pieces that are beautiful and classic.

Could you choose for us one piece of jewellery that you are really fond of... ?

I would like to choose two very different pieces that are both fascinating in their own way. First would be this French lozenge shaped Carnelian and 18K gold 1940s bracelet. I like the geometric design and this bracelet has an architectural character in the way it is constructed. (Pictured below)

And then I want to choose this 1920s Art Deco bracelet from a private dealer in the States.  It is also geometric and just so evocative of the era. It’s platinum and it has at least 10 carats of very fine old cut diamonds. (Pictured below)

 Interviewed Tuesday 28th August 2018 by Titika Malkogeorgou

We've picked out some more of our favourite fabulous pieces available at Saul Greenstein below... 

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