23 August 2018

Our Summer Art Highlight : Lee Bul at The Hayward Gallery

We take a look back at our favourite exhibition of the summer : Lee Bul at The Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre...

A Visitor Walks Through Lee Bul's Immersive Installations at The Hayward Gallery

This summer a glittering environment, futuristic cyborgs, mirrored rooms, monstrous bodies, and a monumental Zeppelin were all part of the deal with Lee Bul's transformation exhibition at The Hayward Gallery.

The artist's much acclaimed work focuses on the body’s relationship to architectural space and references 20th century Modernism, on a much larger scale than the mid-century pioneers of the movement first imagined.

Lee Bul uses concepts and materials that are part of the Modernist movement taken into the twenty-first century to create a spectacular and performative show. She transforms the brutalist aesthetic of the gallery into a phantasmagoria of thought provoking environments to move through.

Materials include glass and metal, silicone and fibreglass, mother of pearl and silk - the effect is both intoxicating and overwhelming.

Inspired by the exhibitions atmosphere of immersive modernism, we've picked out some sublimely surreal modernist pieces now available at Grays...

Circular Illuminated Mirror, c1930s, Available at Matthew Foster

Belgian Wall Lights c1930's, Available at Matthew Foster

'Hockney' Design Vase by Peter Layton, Contemporary Available at Aurum

'Aluminaire' Oil on Canvas by Brendan Neiland, c1980. Available at Horton London 

Two Vintage Spotlight Lamp Projector Lamps, 20th Century, Available at Pushkin Antiques

Written by Titika Malkogeorgou

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