11 January 2018

Create Unique Interiors with Antique Tiles

Antique tiles are the perfect way to create a unique interior design...
Top row from left: Iznik Fritware Tile, 17th Century; Dutch Delft Blue and White Tile, 17th Century; Ottoman Iznik Tile, 17th Century. All Available at Guest and Gray.
 Second row from left: Qajar 17th Century Tile; Syrian Tile of the Ottoman Empire, 17th Century; Spanish Tile, Unknown. All Available at Antique Choices.
Third row from left: Minton Tile c1878; Two Arts and Crafts Style Tiles, 19th Century, Available at The Antique Jewellery Company

Despite their rich history, tiles are an accessible purchase for the budding antique collector or interior decorator. Often relatively inexpensive, they can be used for a whole variety of decorative or functional purposes, and are available in a seemingly infinite array of shapes and styles.

Perhaps you want to create the feel of a sun-drenched Mediterranean terrazza? In that case seek out Iznik tiles.. Their history begins as early as 13th century, Turkey, where the production of brightly-coloured geometric ceramics flourished. Iznik's visual aesthetic permeated the artistic cultures of southern Europe for hundreds of years.

If you want to achieve the classic warmth of a country cottage, look out for Delftware: a ceramic that began in the 17th century, in the Dutch town of Delft. The familiar blue and white designs (originally a fashionable emulation of imported Chinese Ming-ware) now feel quintessential in an English home; calm yet characterful, traditional yet unpretentious.

The wealth of detailed tile designs from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, produced in the great age of industrialisation, can evoke both grandeur and homeliness.

Individual tiles can depict scenes from novels, myths and legends, botanical drawings or elaborate patterns. Minton, Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau... each style has its own particular charm .

Whether you're after a specific look or an eclectic mix, we've hand-picked some unique individual tiles available at Grays to inspire you:

Dutch Delft Polychrome 'Bloempot' Style Tile, c1610- 1650. Available at Guest and Gray

Spanish Polychrome Tile, c1500. available at Guest and Gray

Japanese- Style Tile, 20th Century, Available at Hongman Yang

Japanese- Style Tile, 20th Century, Available at Hongman Yang
12th Century Persian Triangular Tile made from ground Lapis Lazuli. One of Six. Available at Antique Choices

Dutch Delft Polyxhrome Tile, 17th Century, Available at Guest and Gray

         For more inspiring design ideas using Antique Tiles, Check out our Pinterest board!

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