9 November 2017

Services at Grays

With  the wonderful Christmas displays popping up across the capital, now is the time for gift inspiration to take hold - with the long lead up to Christmas there's time to really make your presents extra special this year!

At Grays we have our very own specialist craftsmen; Bennett & O'Connell have been freehand quality engravers since 1965. They are highly skilled in hand engraving all precious metals, as well as a wide variety of objects from gold and silver jewellery and watches, to tankards, napkins and umbrellas. Their service now includes leather embossing - gold, silver and blind embossing or hot foil stamping of initials and messages on items such as photo albums, journals, diaries and note books.

Leather embossing by Bennett & O'Connell

Glass engraving at Bennett & O'Connell

Alfred Toro repairs jewellery, specialising in restoring antique jewellery. In addition, Alfred designs and makes his own jewellery and offers a fully bespoke jewellery design service allowing customers to purchase an item tailored to their own specifications. He is also skilled in the age old technique of wax carving - a fascinating way of making silver and gold jewellery by carving jewellery out of wax, then creating a mould to make a solid silver or gold version of the wax mould.

 A detailed wax carving of an animal by Alfred Toro
A bespoke piece by Alfred Toro

Bennett & O'Connell | Stand 109 | Tel: 020 7408 1880
Alfred Toro | Stand 104 | Tel: 020 7495 7068

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