24 November 2017

Louise Dahl- Wolfe: 'A Style of Her Own' Exhibition

Louise Dahl-Wolfe: 'A Style of Her Own' is currently exhibiting at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London, until the 21st January, 2018. The exhibition is the first major retrospective of her work to be shown the UK.

Image of Suzy Parker by the Seine, Costume by Balenciaga, 1953. Photograph by Louise Dahl-Wolfe. Image courtsey of Its Liquid
Louise Dahl-Wolfe (1895-1989) was regarded as one of the most important women fashion photographers of the first part of the 20th Century who defined the image of the modern independent post-war woman.

Dahl-Wolfe often photographed on location in exotic locations such as Cuba, South America, Spain and Mexico. Her work appears dynamic and spontaneous but was always meticulously planned. The exhibition features over 100 photographs focusing on three decades from the 1930s to 1950s and presents the work of couture designers Chanel, Balenciaga and Dior.

The exhibition also hones in on Dahl-Wolfe's 22 years as leading contributor to Harper's Bazaar from 1936 to 1958, and highlights the influence she had on photographers Horst P. Horst, Richard Avedon and Iving Penn. Furthermore, the museum will also be celebrating Bazaar's 150th anniversary by displaying other photographic highlights. 

Liz Giubbons as photographer, 1938. Photographed by Louise Dahl-Wolfe. Image courtsey of The Guardian

Image of Evelyn Tripp, 1952. Shot by Louise Dahl-Wolfe for Harper's Bazaar. Image courtsey of High Low Vintage
Image courtesy of Louise Dahl-Wolfe and Harper’s Bazaar. Image courtsey of Its Liquid

Photgrapher Louise Dahl-Wolfe , 1958. Image courtsey of High Low Vintage
Mary Jane Russell in evening gown by Balenciaga, cover by Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Harper's Bazaar, December 1951. Image courtsey of Pinterest.

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