19 July 2017

Old as Time Antiques

Little and LARGE 
at A18, 
The Mews at Grays 

Since Old as Time Antiques moved to stand A18 in The Mews at Grays, they have focused on establishing their stock of bracket, mantle and small clocks and timepieces, along with the repair, servicing and valuation services they offer. 

Recently they have introduced wall mounted regulators, clock/barometer combinations, “Art Deco” clocks and the sale of a private collection of first quarter 19th century silver pair cased verge gents pocket watches and silver cased hunter gents pocket watches, all in perfect working condition. 

Below are some images of the pieces mentioned above. A full description can be viewed on the Grays website.

Silver Hunter Verge Key Wind Gents Pocket Watches

 English Silver Paired Case Verge Key Wind Gents Pocket

A Movado Clicker Timepiece, c1920/30 Image A WW2 Land Issue Gentlemen’s Pocket Watch

An ‘Art Deco’ Marble Timepiece

A Late 19c Fusee Wall Dial Timepiece Image A circa 19c/20c AustroGerman 1?2hr Wall Regulator

An early 20c Barometer/Clock Combination

All their clocks are 'shop ready', having been prepared by individuals who have a proven record of completing simple and complex repairs to quality timepieces, clocks and watches. 

Unit A18, Grays Mews

Open Monday and Thursday afternoons, and all day Friday or anytime by appointment.

Facebook: @oldastimeantiques 
Twitter: @OATantiques 
Tel: 01442 395761 (ext 6 for the support staff)
Email: oldastime@hotmail.co.uk

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