28 July 2017

Fahrelnissa Zeid's Exhibition at The Tate Modern

Fahrelnissa Zeid's first major retrospective exhibition is currently under the way at the Tate Modern, until Sunday 8th October 2017.

Fahrelnissa Zeid was an international artist, having originally trained in Paris and Istanbul. She was a key figure in the Turkish avant-garde d Group in the early 1940s and The Ecole de Paris (School of Paris) in the 1950s.

Fahrelnissa Zeid in her studio. Paris, c.1950s by unknown photographer Raad Zeid Al-Husssein. Image courtesy of The Independent

Farhrelnissa Zeid  'Untitled'. Image Courtesy of Pinterest

The 1950s  was an important period as it defined Zeid as a painter and cemented her reputation as an international artist. She is know for her vibrant kaleidoscopic paintings, which mix Islamic, Byzantine, Arab and Persian influences with European approaches to abstraction, enticing the viewer in. 

After you have visited this exhibition, and feel inspired to explore these styles further, then join us at Grays where we have a variety of beautiful pieces redolent of Fahrelnissa Zeid.
Bronze Islamic 12th Century Pestle and Mortar. Available at Safi Shams Antiques

Byzantine Coin. Anastasius First Emperor. AD 4021-518 . Available at Pavlos S. Pavlou
Back image of the coin (above)

Arab - Byzantine Coin. Mvawya AD 661 - 680. Follis after a Byzantine issue of Justin II and Sofia Mint of Scythopolis. Available at Pavlos S. Pavlou

Back image of coin (above)

Early 19th Century Arabic Syrian Neillo Copper Bowl. The inscription on the front is Arabic proverbs. Dimensions: 27 cm diameter, 7.5 width and height 15cm.  Available at IQ Antiques Ltd

Persian Ceramic 12th Century Jug. Available at Solaimani Gallery

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