4 May 2017

May's Birthstone: Emerald

Emeralds are one of the four most sought after precious stones, along with rubies, sapphires and diamonds. The emerald conveys a more complex set of symbolism and emotions. It is the most calming of all the colours, encouraging growth, reflection, peace and balance. This, along with the gem’s rarity, makes the stone a unique alternative to a traditional diamond engagement ring.

Below is our top emerald picks available at Grays.

18ct emerald and diamond ring 1920s. Available from Westminster Group.

1960s diamond and emerald ring. Available from Boris Sosna.

Diamond & Emerald Ring. Available from Alexandra Engagement Rings.

Edwardian emerald and diamond target engagement ring. Available from DB Gems.
Emerald and baguette Art Deco ring Available from John Joseph.

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