30 March 2017

Spring Arrives at Grays

On the 20th of March the sun shone directly onto the equator, making the length of day and night nearly equal in all parts of the world. This event is know as the equinox from the Latin meaning 'equal night', and marks the beginning of that most beautiful and optimistic of seasons; spring!

At this time of year we look forward to rising temperatures and extended hours of daylight, as well as the annual regrowth of flora and fauna. Spring's natural phenomena have led to its association with rebirth, rejuvenation and renewal.

To celebrate the season, we have selected some of the finest pieces at Grays to keep you full of the joys of spring..

Pair of 19th Century Dresden Porcelain vases, depicting floral wreath and mermaid. Offered by Mayfair Antiques.

1930's Houbigant powder box. Offered by Unicorn

c.19th century Chinese Qing Dynasty Silver Filigree bird with vivid blue enamel detail. Offered as single item or as a pair. Offered by Antique Choices
Vintage drawstring bag with pom-poms. Offered by Gillian Horsup
Late 19th century oil on canvas by Alexander Koester. 50cm x 36cm. Offered by Garo Kurkman.

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