20 October 2016

Victorian Entertainments

Victorian Entertainments: There Will Be Fun at the British Library is a free exhibition to celebrate some of the most popular entertainments of the Victorian era. Running from Friday 14 October 2016 until Sunday 12 February 2017, the exhibition offers you the chance to step back in time and explore the Victorians’ influence on the world of entertainment today. Without them we might never have experienced the thrill of pantomime, stand-up comedy or even Britain’s Got Talent.

Trapeze Artists in Circus
Come and behold some of the most popular entertainments of Victorian times performed in a variety of venues, from fairground tents to musical stages! With splendidly decorative original posters, handbills, advertisements and tickets – all wonderful examples of rare ephemera – alongside modern film and sound recordings. On Saturdays you will also find a company of actors and performers who will present archive material from the exhibition through the platform of contemporary performance.

Here at Grays we love all things Victorian and below you can find a selection of some of our most wonderful pieces. 

Playful monkeys pin with paste stones, Victorian, available from Spectrum

Diamond necklace with  separate pendant-brooch, interchangeable with the central trailing & detachable pendant available from Robin Haydock

An intricate carved Meerschaum & amber Victorian horse pipe, available from Hallmark Antiques

Victorian gold charms, available from Spectrum

Victorian sword stick with carved dog head handle, available from Leon's Militaria

Victoria AD 1837-1901 AR Crown 1845 Cinqufoil stop on edge, available from Pavlos Pavlou

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