11 August 2016

Afternoon Tea Week

Afternoon Tea Week is in full swing and will run until 14 August. People throughout the UK will be celebrating one of the nation's favourite culinary pastimes with exclusive events and activities taking place at various locations.

Afternoon Tea is a tradition believed to have been started by Anna Maria Stanhope, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, in 1841. It began with Stanhope's daily ritual of tea and a light snack to fill the gap between lunch and dinner. She would invite friends to join her, thus creating a new social event that became an important part of British society, still enjoyed today.

At Grays, we have found all the tea paraphernalia you could need to host an exquisite tea party!

Embossed sugar caster, Birmingham 1907, from AMS Antiques 

1930s Norwegian enamel spoons, from AMS Antiques 

1910 Birmingham sugar snips or tongs, Elkington & co, from AMS Antiques
Silver tea strain, Birmingham 1946, from Jack Podlewski

1920s Mappin & Webb tea strainer, from Jack Podlewski

Silver tea strainer with handle, 1913, from Jack Podlewski

Silver tea strainer, Birmingham 1929, from Jack Podlewski

German loose tea strainer spoon, from Jack Podlewski 

1900 silver pierce sugar bowl, from Raysil Antiques

1900 glass and silver sugar shaker, from Raysil Antiques

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