7 July 2016

Interchangeable Jewellery

Many items of antique jewellery are multifunctional, allowing expensive pieces to be worn in other ways. Very often Victorian brooches, for example, have a removable brooch fitting, enabling the piece to be also worn as a pendant, a centre piece for a choker necklace or even as a hair ornament. 

Interchangeable jewellery continued to be fashionable during the Art Deco period. Double clips that could be worn separately as dress clips, or jointly as a larger brooch were typical. Earrings with detachable elements provided a day to night option.

We love interchangeable jewellery for its ingenuity, masterful craftsmanship and versatility. At Grays we have a wonderful selection, here is just a small choice of what we have on offer...

Gold brooch/pendant, lapis and diamond, French, c1900. Offered by Emmy Abe

Edwardian diamond and platinum pendant/brooch, c1910, offered by John Joseph

Georgian cameo pendant/brooch, offered by Alice Gulesserian

Silver and gold angel brooch/pendant, natural pearl and diamond, enamel work. c1880, offered by Emmy Abe

Early Victorian memorial brooch/pendant, seed pearl and turquoise, offered by Aurum

Gold, diamond and enamel Boucheron ladybird, movable wings, offered by John Joseph

Edwardian necklace, pendant - platinum & diamond, interchangeable enamel discs, with tool. Offered by John Joseph
1950s French citrine, amethyst and blue topaz interchangeable ring, offered by Diem

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