18 May 2016

The Jade Stone

Jade has held a special attraction for mankind for thousands of years. Known in China as "yu" (the royal gem), it is typically a green stone used for ornaments and implements.

Within Chinese art and culture, jade has always had a very special significance but has also been honoured and esteemed by other cultures throughout time. Most notable are the Mayans, Aztecs and Olmecs of Central America who valued Jade higher than gold, while in ancient Egypt the stone was admired as a symbol of love, inner peace, harmony and balance.

Jade can differ in colour ranging from blues, whites, pink or varied shades of red, but is widely recognised as green. In general, the value of jade is determined according to its colour and its intensity. In the very finest jade the colour is evenly distributed.

Symbolically jade is regarded as lucky or protective and stands for energy and beauty, combining the traditional and the modern in a particularly harmonious way.

Below we've displayed a selection of some our most beautiful jade items. 

A 19th century Chinese contrasting celadon jade carving of a recumbent deer, available from  David Bowden

A fine 4.33ct lavender jadeite cabochon, simply set in 18k gold. available from Arts of Asia

A jade ring with diamond borders, available from M & A Kaae

18ct gold, coral and jade drop earrings with detachable drops, available from Horton London

Jade & diamond brooch with original case by Liberty, available from Emmy Abe

White jade with carving available from Alexandra’s Art Corner

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