10 March 2016

Dealer Spotlight: Old As Time Antiques

Ken Jacobsen of Old As Time Antiques started trading in 1981, selling antique clocks and furniture at antique fairs and markets.  It's easy to see why antique clocks hold a fascination with Ken - the superb engineering produced without the help of computerised production methods and the intricacies involved, make these timepieces highly sought after, along with their aesthetic value and investment value.

Below are examples of the type of clocks you will find in the Old As Time Antiques showcase. All items are covered by a six or twelve month support warranty.

French Carriage Clock

French Carriage Clock, Late 19th Century

A horizontal platform escapement regulated French movement, which is housed in a four glass brass framed case with handle and lens to view its platform assembly. It has a painted white enamel face with Roman numerals.

Striking Mantel Clock

1/2hr Striking Mantel Clock, c1900/30

A twin train pendulum regulated German movement striking once on the half hour and the hours on the hour. It is housed in an Oak case with barley twist columns. This clock has a white enamelled face with Roman numerals and hinged bezel.

Melody Bracket Clock

1/4hr Melody Bracket Clock, c1870/90

A triple train pendulum regulated English Westminster chiming movement. The melody is chimed on each quarter hour and the hours on the hour. Its Mahogany case has fluted corner pillars inlay and bun feet. The silvered face has Roman numerals and the retailers name covered by a hinged brass bezel.

Balloon Cased Timepiece 

8 Day Balloon Cased Timepiece, c1900’s

A platform escapement regulated French movement in a solid Mahogany case with button feet. The movement is faced by a white enamelled dial with Arabic numerals.

Bracket Clock

19th Century Bracket Clock

A Revivale period 1/4hr Ting-Tang chiming walnut cased Bracket clock, c1855-60 by Lenzkirch Germany, Est 1851. A pendulum regulated 1/4hr Ting-Tang chiming movement by Lenzkirch Germany. This is housed in a decorative walnut case with a silvered face having Roman numerals and a vernier adjustment for time keeping.

Old As Time Antiques also offer services such as restoration, valuation, surveys and audits.

Ken is available at the FS06 showcase every Friday, 11am - 4pm, or by appointment. For contact details, please see below.

Old As Time AntiquesKen Jacobsen
Grays Mews, Showcase FS06
Tel: 01442 395761
Email: oldastime@hotmail.co.uk
Facebook Page

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