25 February 2016

New Dealer at Grays Antiques: Decart7 Collectables

New in this month at Grays is a wonderful showcase dealer, Decart7, who deal in Art Nouveau & Art Deco collectables. Decart7 source beautiful and interesting pieces, in particular bronzes, glassware, ceramics and silver from the 1920s and 1930s.

Some of the key designers, producers and sculptors of these periods include Claire Jeanne Robert Colinet and Joseph Lorenzl, both sculptors, Marius Hammer, enamel worker and Royal Doulton, producer of tableware and collectables.

Claire Jeanne Robert Colinet was born in Brussels in 1880 and studied under Jef Lambeaux, moving to Paris where she studied and worked. She has always been regarded as one of the most gifted sculptors of the era and Colinet's figures are often very dramatic and caught in "action" poses.

Charles Noke joined Doulton in 1889 as chief designer and modeller and went on to become Art Director in 1914. He was instrumental in the introduction of Kingsware from 1898.

Joseph Lorenzl
Joseph Lorenzl (1892-1950) was born and worked in Vienna, Austria. He created a large number of figures in bronze and in bronze with ivory. He is most famous for his figures of women; lean, tender girls caught in simple, elegant movements. In style he is similar to Stefan Dakon and in fact both worked for, or had their designs produced by, Goldscheider.

Below are a few of our favourite items of stock currently available:

'The Juggler'. 1920s cold painted gilt bronze by Colinet.

A signed Deco bronze with almost perfect patination and vibrant colour, by Joseph Lorenzl.

A signed bronze with strong colour on an onyx base. Finely cast. By Joseph Lorenzl.

A stunning finely enamelled and richly gilded pot, by Marius Hammer.

Swedish Silver & Enamel Casket, by Cohen & Charles, London.

"Gnomes and Munchkins" series illustrations by Arthur Rackham. Plate and tray set. 5 plates signed Noke. From Doulton.

Showcase V23, Grays Mews
Tel: 07778 361 135

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