14 January 2016

Lumiere London

Lumiere London, 14 to 17 January, is a free light festival in 30 locations across some of the capital's most iconic areas, Mayfair being one of them. Over four evenings, many of the capital's streets will be illuminated with dazzling night delights. Expect large-scale video-mapped projections, interactive pieces and jaw-dropping installations. Here are a few examples:

Aquarium, Benedetto Bufalino & Benoit Deseille
Nathaniel Rackowe, Platonic Spin
Neon Dogs, Deepa Mann Kler
OCUBO Circus of Light

In celebration of this event, we picked a few light related items from Grays that will brighten up dreary evenings.

Miniature jet candle holder, Victorian, offered by Allison Massey

Continental wall candle holder, offered by Robin Haydock
18th Century filigree candlestick, offered by Joseph Cohen

Carltonware Aladdin lighter, Art Deco, offered by David
19th century, copper/brass Original hand crafted Hindu God statue oil deepak lamp, offered by Matthew Wood

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