17 December 2015

Egypt: Faith after the Pharaohs

The British Museum presents a major exhibition looking at an important transition in Egypt’s history never explored before in its entirety. Egypt: Faith after the Pharaohs,  29 October 2015 – 7 February 2016, explores 1,200 years of history, providing unparalleled insight into the lives of different religious communities. This exhibition of around 200 objects will show how Christian, Islamic and Jewish communities reinterpreted the pharaonic past of Egypt and interacted with one another. The transitions seen in this period have shaped the modern world we know today.

In keeping with the Egyptian feel here at Grays, we have chosen a few Egyptian revival and Egyptian inspired items...

Egyptian style earrings, offered by Linda Bee

Egyptian revival necklace, offered by Ting's Jewellery Box

Pharoah medallion, offered by Ting's Jewellery Box

Egyptian Revival watch fob – brass and enamel, offered by Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery

1970s celluloid scarab brooch, offered by Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery

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