2 October 2015

London Cocktail Week

Summer is over and autumn is upon us, one autumn event we are looking forward in particular is London Cocktail Week! This delightful event is held annually in October, this year it will run from 5 until 11, October. As the name suggests, you can expect a week of cocktail sampling at a multitude of venues dotted around the capital. These include bars, restaurants, pop-ups and street vendors who will serve some truly delicious creations.

Some might say this could result in a messy week of debauchery, but this is not the case, it’s a week dedicated to teaching people about the quality, not quantity of cocktails and their varied ingredients. Moderation is key. We'll certainly drink to that!

If you plan to create your own delectable cocktail concoction at home, Grays is the place to visit for unique cocktail apparatus.

A selection of cocktail shakers from the 1920s - 1930s, offered by Jack Podlewski

A stunning cocktail shaker with floral design, offered by Evonne Antiques

Set of fully hallmarked (Birmingham 1933) silver cocktail sticks with enamelled cockerels, offered by Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery

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  1. We are so excited for the start of the London Cocktail Week and definitely will look forward for an article from you and how you find it at the end of the event! In fact, an even with so much style and class is really rare to find and something more – the perfect balance between fun and entertainment you can learn something from. We love the whole concept, the chance to learn more about cocktail crats, the mixture between memorable decades, styles, cultures and how well they correspond. But the thing we like the most is the fact that many people would have the chance to learn about historical moments in the development of many cocktails and more. Also, great selection of images, we are impressed with the beauty of these vintage cocktail shakers and their Art Nouveau beauty!


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