23 October 2015


Halloween is a yearly festival on the 31st of October, the eve of All Hallows' Day. It starts a three-day recognition of all hallow tide, the time in the liturgical year devoted to remembering the dead.

The customs and significance of Halloween vary in every culture. In Scotland and Ireland, customary customs include children dressing up in costumes going "guising", as well as holding gatherings, while different practices in Ireland incorporate lighting bonfires and having firework shows.

From the nineteenth century Halloween has been a major holiday in North America, and largely celebrated in the United States and Canada. This large North American impact, especially in iconic and commercial elements, has reached out around the globe and had a significant effect on how the occasion is seen in different nations.

There are various relics and symbols connected with Halloween. Amongst the most well known is the Jack-o'-lights. These are traditionally carried by guisers on Halloween evening with the purpose of frightening evil spirits. There is a popular Irish Christian folktale connected with the jack-o'-lantern, which, in legend, is said to speak to a "spirit who has been denied passage into both heaven and hell".

Here is a round up of our favourite ghoulish jewellery and spooky objects at Grays:

Bourjois Evening in Paris Owl, available from Gillian Horsup

Diamond & Ruby Spider Brooch, 1940s. Avaliable from Minoo and Andre

1930s Cat, available from Linda Bee

Vintage Spider necklace, available from Linda Bee

Lea Stein Cat brooch, available from Marie Niemis

Vintage Lea Stein Cat Brooch, 1960s. Available from Linda Bee

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