26 June 2015

Vintage Summer Style

With summer already here and hot weather on the way, it's time to get your summer style sorted! Grays Mews has a fantastic range of vintage clothing, jewellery and accessories for you to mix and match to your style. Here are some items we think will work the summer look perfectly:

Selection of multicoloured bangles and flower inspired necklaces from Gillian Horsup
Turquoise-themed jewellery from Unicorn

Green-themed jewellery from Ting Jewellery Box

Selection of bracelets from Arabella Bianco

1980s glass earrings from Arabella Bianco

Bakelite banana necklace from Linda Bee

Blue-themed jewellery set from Ting Jewellery Box

Vintage sunglasses from Gillian Horsup
1980s sunglasses from Linda Bee
Art Deco beaded bag from Arabella Bianco

Silk kimono from Leonora Boutique and summer hat  from June Victor

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