12 June 2015

Andrew Prince: From Downton to Gatsby, Jewellery and Fashion from 1890 to 1929 - Join him next Monday 15 at Grays

Jewellery designer Andrew Prince creates the finest crystal jewellery and has built up a loyal clientele ranging from the stars of stage and screen to royalty, couture houses and venerable institutions such as the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Andrew's taste for fine 'costume jewellery' was inspired by an encounter at an antique market where he came across a stunning Victorian brooch set with what he initially thought were emeralds and diamonds. It turned out they were actually crystal and green glass set in silver and gold. From this moment, Andrew realised that beautiful jewellery didn't require expensive stones, and that it was the elegance of the design and the quality of the workmanship that truly mattered. He then decided to create a small collection of superior 'fine crystal jewellery' which has become synonymous with Andrew Prince Jewellery

Andrew Prince

Citing his four biggest influences on his work as the delicate beauty of the ‘Belle Epoque’, the sinuousness of ‘Art Nouveau’, the line and strength of ‘Art Deco’ and the glamour of 1930s Hollywood, Prince’s vast knowledge on the fin de siècle period is clear in ‘From Downton to Gatsby, Jewellery and Fashion from 1890 to 1929.’ During this talk he illustrates the intimate connections between the great jewellers, couture houses and the people, politics and events that shaped this glitzy period at the turn-of-the-century. 

Andrew Prince at work

Join Andrew as he shares his expertise and gives us a fascinating glimpse into this era of change in the world of fashion and jewellery, and a talk which debuted at the Victoria and Albert Museum. 

Book tickets for this talk via the Fox & Squirrel website here.

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