15 May 2015

The Great Spring Show

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015 will take place between 19th-23rd May at the Royal Hospital, London. The show was originally called 'The Great Spring Show', however the name 'The Chelsea Flower Show' rapidly eventually caught on. The event is a five day show is visited by 157,000 guests every year with extensive coverage on TV by the BBC.

Today the shows exhibitors display their gardens inside a pavilion, with all the Show Gardens constructed from scratch in only nineteen days. Until 2000, the Show Gardens were housed under a large marquee that was hence honoured in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's biggest tent. The old tent was then transformed into 7,000 bags, aprons and jackets.

The land committed to show gardens expanded consistently from 1970 to 2000 and the show has turned into a critical venue for flowering trends. New plants are frequently exhibited at the show, while more established plants are revered under the spotlight of the agricultural world. Strangely until 2013, Gnomes were banned from the show – however exhibitors would regularly attempt to sneak them in to their gardens.

In 1947, to help fill the space left by exhibitors recuperating from the War, a portion of the marquee was devoted to flower arrangements for the first time. Since that point flower arrangement has turned into a customary highlight. In 1956 it was apportioned its own tent, referred to today as the Great Pavillion.

To celebrate The Chelsea Flower Show we have selected some of our favourite floral items at Grays.

Brooch and earring set available from Tings Jewellery Box

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Sterle gold flower brooch available from Nigel Norman

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