6 March 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Each year we celebrate Mother's Day which is an occasion for honouring mothers and giving them presents. Unbeknown to most people it is also known as Mothering Sunday, a Christian holiday which is celebrated on the mid Sunday in Lent by Catholic and Protestant Christians in some parts of Europe.

The origins of Mothering Sunday are attributed to Constance Penswick-Smith who was inspired by a campaign by Anna Jarvis (1864-1948), an American. Three years after her mother's death, Jarvis held a memorial ceremony to honor her mother and all mothers at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in West Virginia (today the International Mother's Day Shrine), marking the first official observance of Mother's Day. Anna Jarvis embarked upon a campaign to make "Mother's Day" a recognised holiday and eventually succeeded.

In the UK, Constance Penswick-Smith established a movement to promote "Mothering Sunday". She believed that “a day in praise of mothers” was fully expressed in the liturgy of the Church of England for the fourth Sunday of Lent. Her idea was that Mothering Sunday should not be limited to one Christian denomination, and its popularity spread through open organisations such as the Boy Scouts and Girls Guides. Under the pen-name C. Penswick Smith she published a booklet The Revival of Mothering Sunday in 1920.

Although Mother's Day and Mothering Sunday are often mixed up, they essentially have the same objective - a day of the year on which mothers are particularly honoured by their children.

At Grays, we have a selection of gift ideas your Mother would appreciate.....

Cameo brooch gold mount 9ct, c.1900 offered by Alice Gulesserian

Brooch watch gold plated, c.1920s offered by Alice Gulesserian
Ladybird box, enamel and silver, c1920, offered by Jack Podlewski
Felspar porcelain armorial fruit bowl c1840 by Copeland & Garrett (1833 - 1847), offered by Alan Wilson

Boxed silver grape shears, London 1893. Offered by AMS Antiques Ltd

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