14 March 2015

Cocktail Rings

Big, bold and bling! These are the essential qualities of a cocktail ring. It is certainly a ring that demands attention and allows its wearer to make a bold statement.

Its fascinating history goes back to the 1920s; the start of the Art Deco period synonymous with exuberant style and dazzling jewellery. It was a time of Prohibition in America, where illegal cocktail parties became the norm among the wealthy. More fashion freedom for women, cocktails and cigarettes, as well as dancing 'til dawn at illegal parties were all part of women’s emancipation at the time. “Dare to wear” was a guiding rule for women, who would wear their grandiose cocktail rings ostentatiously.  A typical ring of the time would display at least a three carat focal stone, surrounded by small diamonds or coloured gemstones. Cocktail rings were usually worn on the right hand ring or index finger and reflected the style and personality of the modern woman.  A symbol of “Girl Power”, a cocktail ring was certainly something to be reckoned with!

Today, cocktail rings continue to be in demand and can be worn to many different occasions. While the earlier rings showcased precious stones, the 1950s saw many cocktail rings made by costume jewellery designers using faux stones and thus becoming more affordable.

Whatever your style or budget, the dealers at Grays have some really eye catching cocktail beauties to chose from:

Emerald cut amethyst & diamond cocktail ring in platinum, c.1925. Offered by Robin Haydock

1940s tourmaline cocktail ring in 18ct gold. Offered by The Pearl Gallery

1940s old cut diamond cocktail ring in 18ct gold. Offered by The Pearl Gallery

1960s lapis lazuli and diamond cocktail ring in 18ct gold. Offered by Anthea

1960s coral onyx & diamond cocktail ring in 18ct gold. Offered by Anthea 
Square ring with large brown faux stone surrounded by white paste stones, c.1960s. Offered by Linda Bee

1980s blue glass stone cocktail ring in gilt metal. Offered by Gillian Horsup

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