30 July 2014

The Horrors of War

The 4th of August marks the 100th anniversary of the German invasion of Belgium and the start of World War One. Many people are unaware of the true extent of atrocities committed towards innocent Belgian civilians by the German army.

Only recently, a series of etchings portraying the inconceivable plight that men, women and children suffered were rediscovered. These terrible events were known at the time as ‘The Rape of Belgium’.

The graphic illustrations were so horrific that when artist Pierre-Georges Jeanniot displayed his series of etchings, they were immediately banned by the police to avoid panic and public outcry. 

The Horrors of War is a set of  rediscovered etchings depicting the barbaric treatment of Belgians by German troops. A specially produced, illustrated, explanatory book by Mark Hill (pictured above) comes with the full set of ten etchings.

Almost one century since the events occurred, these historically important etchings can be seen again. Acquired by Mark Hill, the set of ten original copper etching plates were professionally restored and the illustrations subsequently published for the first time.

An exclusive numbered, limited edition of 250 sets are available to buy. Each etching has been given a title relating to an event that took place.

X – In The Church
III – The Massacre at Blamont

The Horrors of War series can be viewed in Mark Hill's shop at Grays Antiques, stand G23. More information can be found on Mark Hill's website here.

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