10 July 2014

Royal Ruby

Diamonds might be forever but rubies are for eternity! Throughout history, rubies have been considered the “King of Gems” and the symbol of status and success. Associated with love, passion, power and royalty they were essential elements of royal insignia and a favoured jewel among many celebrities. 

This highest valued coloured gemstone is extremely hard and durable yet almost all naturally mined rubies have flaws tolerated as part of the nature of the stone. In fact, large eye clean rubies are extremely rare and can command higher prices than diamonds. Rubies can be found all over the world but the finest rubies were originally mined in Myanmar, formerly Burma hence the name Burmese ruby. 

Rubies are found in a variety of reds, ranging from pink to blood-red stones with the most desirable colour “pigeon’s blood”, a deep red with a hint of blue.  The red hue comes from traces of the mineral chromium.

Rubies represent the month of July and are also the traditional gift for 15th and 40th wedding anniversary. These eye-catching gemstones are very hot trend on red carpets and a popular choice for smart investors!

Whether you are a good investor or simply looking for that special gift for your loved one, we have a great selection of ruby jewellery at Grays:

3-stone ruby and diamond ring, c1900s. Offered by Robin Haydock
Ruby and diamond ring, c1900. Offered by Robin Haydock
Ruby and diamond ring. Art Deco French. Offered by Boris Sosna
Ruby, diamond and pearl pendant. Art Deco French. Offered by Boris Sosna
Victorian ruby cluster and diamond French bracelet. Offered by Boris Sosna
1950s Ceylon star ruby pendant. Offered by Shapiro & Co
1920s ruby and diamond ring. Offered by Leila in the Mews
Victorian ruby and diamond brooch/pendant. Offered by Wimpole Antiques

1960s Tiffany ruby and diamond brooch. Offered by Hallmark Antiques
1960s Burmese ruby ring by Oscar Heyman. Offered by DB Gems

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