6 March 2014


March's birthstone is aquamarine which is a variety of precious beryl. This gemstone symbolises courage. Since ancient times, aquamarine has been regarded as 'the sailors' lucky stone'. It is most famous for its breathtaking sea-blue colors which can range from light blue to dark blue.

At Grays our dealers have an impressive collection of aquamarine rings to choose from.
Here are just a few...

1940's Aquamarine Cocktail Dress Ring offered by Leila in the Mews
Art Deco Aquamarine ring with baguette diamond. 18ct gold. Offered by Alice Gulesserian
1940's Aquamarine Brazil and diamond on platinum ring. Offered by Persis Antique Jewellery

Art Deco all platinum with diamond shoulders, fine square aquamarine. Offered by Westminster Group
1930's Oval aquamarine diamond ring. Offered by Paulette Bates
Art Deco aquamarine ring with diamonds set shoulders. Offered by Watches Jewellery & Art Ltd
A fine coloured single stone aquamarine ring, 1950's. Offered by Nigel Norman

A selection of Aquamarine jewellery offered by Beaut and the The Pearl Gallery

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