10 January 2014

Chinese Jade

With just three weeks to go to Chinese New Year (31st January 2014), we thought we would explore Grays and pick some items to celebrate this special occasion. We have spotted many beautiful treasures made with jade. As you probably know, jade has always been highly regarded and prized in Chinese culture. It is a symbol of wealth and status so no wonder that jade is a much sought after gemstone. According to The New York Times the price of jade has skyrocketed in recent years and jade is sometimes considered more valuable than gold.

There is no better time to give or receive jade than around Chinese New Year. Here at Grays we have plenty to choose from. Check out our favourites or come and pick your own auspicious piece.

A finely carved jade boulder, circa 18th century. 
Offered by David Bowden

A Chinese celadon jade carving of a recumbent horse, 18th century. 
Offered by David Bowden.

A Chinese jade carving of a monkey on lingzhi mushroom. 
Offered by Duchange and Riche.

1920s jade brooch with diamonds and sapphires. 
Offered by Kikuchi Antiques.

A stunning panel of finely carved jade, circa 19th century on a 1930s 
platinum and diamond pendant mount. Offered by Robin Haydock.

Happy New Year!

For more information visit www.graysantiques.com.

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