21 November 2013

Buried Jewels and Lost Treasures

We are really looking forward to visiting the Museum of London to see their current exhibition of the Cheapside Hoard.  The Cheapside Hoard is a collection of jewellery that was found in 1912 in the basement of a house in Cheapside, London.  The hoard contained jewellery dating from the 16th and 17th centuries.  It has rarely been exhibited before and this is the first time visitors can see so much of the collection.

The Museum of London has investigated the mystery surrounding this buried treasure from the Elizabethan and Jacobean eras.  We can't wait to have a look and have put together a hoard of similarly dated jewellery from Grays dealer Peter Szuhay in honor of the history that has been unearthed in London.

Early English gold posy ring circa 1500. Engraved with "pour amore"

Pair of gold and diamond earrings. Circa 1680.

Antique silver cross set with diamonds and rubies. Spanish, circa 1660-80.

Cabochon drop shaped emerald ring. Circa 1580.

Late seventeenth century pair of Spanish gold diamonds and emerald earrings.

 Rock crystal and gold heart memorial pendant with monogram ERG. Circa 1680.

Rare silver gilt reliquary pendant, engraved on both sides. Circa 1500, probably South German.

The Cheapside Hoard exhibition at the Museum of London runs until the 27th April 2014.

To see more jewellery and artefacts from Peter Szuhay visit his website www.peterszuhay.com.

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