16 August 2013

Gifts Fit For a Baby Prince

Since the arrival of the royal baby the whole world has been talking about baby gifts which continue to arrive from all corners of the world. Here at Grays, we too have caught some of this royal baby fever. We have been searching for some special antique and vintage items to mark and celebrate the birth of a new baby. Here are our favourite pieces:  

 An unusual baby egg cup and spoon set. Art Nouveau style.
 London 1903. Offered by Raysil Antiques.

Silver Porringer commemorating the 300th year of St Pauls Cathedral.
Offered by James Baldwin Antiques.

Made in London 1975 by Jocelyn Burton for Aurum, this wonderful porringer was made to commemorate 300th year of St Pauls Cathedral, and is of beautiful heavy quality (image above). It would make an ideal Christening present.

Georg Jensen Christening Mug. Offered by James Baldwin Antiques.

This hand hammered sterling silver christening mug (image above) was made by Georg Jensen in 1925. It is beautifully made, and a fine example of Denmark's answer to Art Nouveau silver.

An impressive quality silver christening lion handle cup. 
London 1902. Offered by Jack Podlewski.

 A delightful vintage silver owl rattle. 
Offered by Boggitt and Bond.
This is a superb Chiltern Bear dating from the 1930s. 
Offered by Sarah Sellers.

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