26 July 2013

New dealer: Kitty Verity in the spotlight

Our Dealer Spotlight for this month is shining bright on Kitty Verity who recently joined the pleiad of fantastic vintage jewellery dealers in Grays. Kitty, at the age of 22, has an eye trained for style. Her large shop downstairs in the Mews houses her bold collection of vintage costume jewellery.

You can find Kitty Verity downstairs in the Mews, unit C16/17 

Here is a great selection of carefully chosen items for sale including some of our favourites listed below:

A chunky bracelet by Acces Ocean Paris, made of resin
containing  layers of opaline foil to incredible effect. 1980s.

A beautiful bracelet made by Boucher in the 1950s, featuring
 faux sapphires cabochons and baguette white paste in rhodium.

Bracelet created from gilt chainmail studded with
large coloured pastes in bezel settings.1940s.

A rare pair of earrings designed by Diane Love for Trifari,
simulating ancient Japanese metal work technique. 1970s.

An unusual set of earrings and brooch by Kramer for Christian Dior
 made in the 1950s using white paste and grey marbled glass.

For more information visit Grays at: www.graysantiques.com

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