14 February 2013

Couples & Pairs: Saint Valentine’s Special

 You don’t need to be a couple to enjoy love and the special Saint Valentine’s day, but you can find couples and pairs at Grays. 

Unusual onyx bird earring from Jo and Olly Gerrish
A proliferation of materials, styles and concepts of couples and pairs of object exist in a sober as well as of a mischievous or frivolous character! We have decided that it’s St. Valentine’s day when we should be celebrating both uniqueness and everything that goes in twos. 

What is more romantic than swans? We love these are stunning art deco swan bookends from Tina Crick
Trinket box from Duchange and Riche
A pair of stunning Victorian Heart Brooches from Tings Jewellery Box
There is also the more unusual of pairs - A pair of rare 17th century Spanish drug jars. Hand painted detailing in blue on white ceramic from Patrick Boyd Carpenter

Sweet miniature pair of shoes from Boggit and Bond

 Staffordshire couple figure from Cekay.


Happy Valentines Day from everyone at Grays!

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