10 January 2013

If love is the word...

Grays is the destination. February is on the way and it is the perfect month as it is historically dedicated to courtly love. Whether you follow the tradition of High Middle Ages in which St Valentine is the patron of lovers or the pagan calendar where the holiday of Lupercalia dedicated to purification and fertility. 

Be prepared. It may not even be certain that St Valentine is identified with one or several saints  or that the feast was in fact invented in 14th century England where it first came to be associated with romantic love and further associated with all types of romantic symbolism of colours flowers and precious and semi-precious stones in the Victorian period. 

It’s gone a full circle and it’s here with us now, in Mayfair in London at Grays.  Here at Grays our dealers have collected the finer examples of antique and vintage items that are unique for that special time in the year.

Hand painted brooch from Tings Jewellery Box

Turquoise is considered to be a symbol of generosity, sincerity, and affection.  Traditionally is is said to only bring good luck if given, not purchased which makes it the perfect stone to be given as a present!

Art Nouveau Jabot Enamel Pin from Boggit and Bond

1950s Pendant from Boggitt and Bond

Gold and Turquoise Ring from Nayabelle

Of course there are the classic heart shaped and flowers that remain symbols of this special day and who are we to argue with tradition!

Heart Enamel and Pearl Brooch from Tings Jewellery Box

Beautiful Rose Lucite Brooch from Tings Jewellery Box

Selection of Heart Shaped Lockets from Aurum

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