30 June 2012

Equatorial Holidays

This summer, while many are coming to London for the Olympics, many Londoners are venturing to warmer climes down South and far East.  If you're caught between the two, just come to Grays and see a beautiful array of items from ancient Africa, Asia, and the Americas.  We have a number of dealers who are specialists in these antiquities, so pop over to Grays and go on a mini historic holiday!

10th Century Glass Bottle from Afghanistan.  Bahktar Art, N19 Grays Mews.

Silver Gelatin Photograph of Human Race Headress, c. 1965 Nigeria. Photographer Unknown, 20x14.5cm.  Treasures of Africa, 126 Grays Market.
Silver Gelatin Photograph, c.1920s-1930s of Nende Woman. Photographed by Casimir Zagourski, 13x9 cm Treasures of Africa, 126 Grays Market.

Silver Gilded Bukhara Comb from Uzbekistan.  Tribal Tent, Grays Mews. 

A South Indian wood Temple carving panel illustrating Shiva as a yogi, 18th Century, 37cm high.  Peter Sloane, E12 Grays Mews. 

And if you're all about English History, come see our expanses of Enligsh Antiquities!

Tudor 16th Century Dress Hooks and OrnamentsJane Stewart L25 Grays Mews.

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