31 May 2012

Last Minute Jubilee!

Just a few more days before we witness the Queen's 60th year in reign! If you haven't been swept up in the pomp, circumstance, Oxford St. cleaning and bunting (not to mention all that lush victoria sponge cake), then here are a few items that will have you singing God Save the Queen with the rest of the block party.

Wedgewood Teapot provided by Olympic Antiques, K32, Grays Mews.

Purses provided by Linda Bee, L20, Grays Mews.

Assortment of Jewellery.  Pearl and Gold Bracelet provided by S. Greenstein; Diamond, Ruby, and Saphire ring provided by Wimpole Antiques; and Pearl and Gold heart ring provided by Charlotte Sayers.  S. Greenstein, 304-306; Wimpole Antiques, 338;  Charlotte Sayers 313-315; All located in Grays at 58 Davies St.

Elizabeth II Jubilee Tin, provided by Lola Boggi, Showcase V001 in Grays Mews.

Silver Trophy Bonbon Holder with Handle and Blue Glass, and Silver and Red Glass Double-Ended Perfume/Smelling Salts holder, provided by Hallmark Antiques, 319 at Grays 58 Davies St.

One Crown Coin from Isle of Man , c. 1952 commemorating the Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II, provided by Ting's Jewellery Box, Showcase C22 in Grays Mews.


  1. Always a fun and interesting blog. Well done Grays

  2. never thought I would say this

    but that teapot is cool


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