4 May 2012

Amber Fortuna

We welcome Amber Fortuna, our latest dealer to Grays. Amber Fortuna specialises in hand-made jewellery from Baltic amber. Baltic sea is the source of Baltic amber or as the people used to say in the ancient times is the origin of Baltic gold. At the time of Roman Empire, Amber Road was formed which went through the lands of Latvia, Lithuania, and Konigsberg through what is today Gdansk, Poznan, and Brno going all the way to Rome. The same way Amber Fortuna brings appreciation of Baltic amber to the world today.

Everyone will be able to find something in this wonderful new shop, from small valuables such as pendants, clip earrings, to bracelets, necklaces and souvenirs. 

Amber Fortuna is based in the basement of Grays Antiques, 58 Davies Street. Fore more information visit the website: www.amberfortuna.com

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