30 March 2012

New Showcase Dealers!

Keep a look out!  We've got four new showcase dealers joining us at Grays this April - it's looking like close to a full house!

J & S Antiques, P5 - Joyce has an eye for immaculate Chinese porcelain and stone carvings.  Her agate jewellery and figurines are a must see!

Osmanieh Antiques, V009 - Stephen has decided to share his hobby of antiquing with the world, giving us the opportunity to see his amazing collection of Art Nouveau ceramics and silver pieces.  Come see his beautiful Minton vases, c.1900, and his amazing silver plated goblets.

Dunhill Lighters, V022 - Andrew collects lighters; specifically Dunhill lighters.  All very straight forward. Except that Andrews lighters all seem to have a marvelous story behind them, and are kept boxed, polished, and in working condition.  Now that's a love worth holding a light to!

Silver Era, V025 - Lois has amassed a collection of uncommon silver from the early Victorian era straight through to the 1950's.  The collection is not only particular in it's contents, but has also been extremely well cared for, producing a showcase filled with bright unique silver.

And keep a look out for a few more dealers coming soon!

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